How Hospitality Industry Has Adapted to Changing Needs

Today it is a well known fact that businesses of any size need to work harder and smarter to remain profitable. Steps to ensure ongoing success have included budget cuts, tighter control of business expenses, systems to grow the business and retain existing customer relationships. The latter two often require travel and nights away from home during which time most business travellers still expects to enjoy comfortable accommodation of a high standard.

With businesses constantly looking at ways to cut budgets, yet also expecting managers and executives to travel the hospitality industry has had to adapt to these changing needs. Hence the launch of the serviced apartment industry offering accommodation of the same expected standard but at a cheaper rate.

Serviced apartments can be found in most cities across the UK and many are located close to major transport links making them easily accessible to both national and international guests. They are also surrounded by places to eat and exclusive restaurants, but staying in a fully furnished apartment gives guests the option of staying in and preparing a meal or ordering a take-out. This type of accommodation is inclusive of a fully equipped kitchen and all the services expected at a hotel of equal standards.

Cotels pioneered the serviced apartment industry in Milton Keynes and over the past fifteen years have added additional apartments to their booking system. Cotels now have apartments in Northampton and Luton in addition to those in Milton Keynes. They have all proved a great success for business travel as well as for intermediate accommodation for staff relocations.

Living room with ample seating and dining area