What are you looking for when booking accommodation in MIlton Keynes?

As with so many things in life, when it comes to business or leisure travel you have a choice of accommodation types to suit your budget. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, it is important to find accommodation that suits your needs. There are many aspects to consider before deciding which to choose.

Not many people would turn down the option of booking accommodation that offers all the luxury, space and flexibility of home. Here are features to consider:

  • Spacious – whether you are travelling on your own or with a colleague, friend or family, you don’t want to feel cramped particularly if you staying longer than just one night. The ideal is accommodation that gives you plenty of space to move around and enjoy each-others company, but at the same time be able to enjoy time to yourself when you need it. There are various features to look out for including built-in wardrobes in which to store away your luggage leaving uncluttered space to move around in.
  • Parking Facilities – If you travelling by car you should look into the parking facilities to ensure you don’t spend ages looking and for a safe and secure place to park. You also want to park close enough not to have to battle a distance carrying your travel bags.
  • Furnishings – many well established travel and accommodation websites will have images, videos or 360 photos of their rooms. Use the opportunity to check that furnishings and appliances inclusive in your booking fee are likely to meet your needs. If you are wanting self- catering options, is their a fully equipped kitchen to meet all cooking or food preparation requirements. Other features to consider are laundry appliance such as a washing machine, drying rail , iron particularly if staying a few nights or more. Sharing an iron can be very inconvenient and paying to have your laundry done can add to the costs of your stay.
  • Local Amenities – if you are looking to book city centre accommodation, you are likely to want to be within walking distance to amenities such as restaurants, pubs shops, recreational or sporting facilities. Look at Google Maps on accommodation websites to see how well placed they are to required amenities.
  • Views – An obstructive view from your apartment can really ruin the whole experience, so ensure that you aren’t facing a wall or a construction site when you book your stay. You can usually choose rooms with different views, so make sure it is one that will suit your needs. A good view can really help to make your stay more enjoyable.
  • Staff – It can be difficult to determine what the staff are like if you are booking your accommodation online, but if you have a query or need help; you want to make sure the staff will get back to you as quickly as possible. You will usually be able to tell the level of service with a quick call to your chosen place of stay.

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