Serviced apartments in Northampton are good for family vacations

Anyone who has ever holidayed with children will know why serviced apartments in Northampton are a better option than having to book into a hotel.

What children do in front of you, like making you chase after them in a busy hotel lobby while they do their best to embarrass you, is bad enough. However, hotel policy often dictates that only two, or maybe three people are allowed per room if there is the availability of a sleeper coach. If you are a family of two or more children staying in a hotel is likely to mean that two or more rooms will have to be reserved and then heaven only knows what the children are doing to the second room when you’re not there!

Even if your children are well behaved, you shouldn’t be any less worried. A hotel can be a dangerous place for children, and if you are not sharing a space with them they might get hurt without you even knowing about it.

Worrying about your kids definitely takes all the fun out of a holiday or week-end getaway, so why not avoid this stress and make your holiday as relaxing as it should be by renting a serviced apartment?

When you rent a serviced apartment, you will have all the privacy and comforts both you and your children are used to at home. You will be able to keep a close eye on them, and the risk of your children becoming a nuisance to the other hotel guests is no longer something you have to worry about. You will even have your very own fully equipped kitchen in which to prepare your own meals, so you don’t have to eat in a restaurant every night and order expensive food for your children that they usually end up picking at, but not really eating. There is also a home entertainment system in every serviced apartment in Northampton to keep them busy and entertained.

Weekly housekeeping will ensure that you don’t have to do all the cleaning yourself, and even covered car parking with 24-hour security is available.

So take the hassle out of a family holiday by booking a serviced apartment in Northampton through Cotels and give your family a wonderful, relaxing holiday to remember!