Serviced apartments: The luxury of a hotel with a few comforts of home

Staying in a hotel when you travel for a weekend leisure break or a business trip can be fun, but with a short-stay apartment one can experience the luxury of staying in a hotel while also enjoying the familiarity and comfort that comes with staying in the same place every time. Hotels and traditional bed and breakfasts, while exciting, also come with an element of unfamiliarity and you won’t always know what awaits you when making a booking until the moment of your arrival. If it’s unsatisfactory or unacceptable, you may find yourself stuck without accommodation.

Instead of having to worry about any unpleasant surprises upon your check-in, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly what is in store for you? With serviced apartments, it’s possible to know exactly what the accommodation will be like before making a booking and it gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that relocation to better accommodation won’t ever be necessary.

Many short-stay apartments include features found in traditional hotels, including:

  • Maid service
  • Unlimited wi-fi
  • Luxury linens
  • Free parking
  • Corporate discounts
  • Long-stay discounts

Serviced apartments are ideal for people who travel to the same city often on business. Many short-stay apartments offer corporate or loyalty discounts – and after a long day of working hard and attending meetings, all a business person wants is to be able to return to a comfortable, familiar environment where they can kick back and relax. Serviced apartments offer a type of ‘home away from home’ for busy travellers who have to hit the road often, supplying them with all the little extras that make their stay luxurious whilst giving them the comfort of familiar surroundings.

For people who love to take much deserved weekend leisure breaks, short-stay apartments are an ideal option. When Friday comes around and it’s time to get away for some relaxation, a booking at a serviced apartment guarantees that a weekend of rest is just around the corner. Instead of taking a chance and making a booking at an unfamiliar hotel or bed and breakfast, it’s safer to opt for a short-stay apartment you know you’ll enjoy.

People who are interested in medium to long-term stays can also benefit from serviced apartments. They are cost-effective, provide more space, are more flexible and offer more convenience than traditional hotels. Whether someone is a frequent business traveller or a lover of the leisure weekend, there are many different types of people who can enjoy short-stay apartments.