What Everybody Ought to Know About Serviced Apartments for Business Travel

The serviced apartment industry is a growing one with more business and leisure travellers becoming aware of the advantages they offer versus the more traditional accommodation bookings.

Business trips prior to the recession in 2008, used to include many luxuries beyond what you were likely to experience on your leisure trips. Busy schedules, numerous nights away from family and stressful travel delays used to earn corporate travellers many perks such as flight and hotel upgrades. But, now many companies are tightening the budget for travel expenses. Airfares, road and rail travel fares have increases increased significantly over the past three years so companies are looking at other areas to save on outgoing costs.

This is where the Serviced Apartment industry offers an option for corporate or business travel. If there is more than one of you travelling to the same destination, booking into a two or three bedroom apartment will save as you pay per apartment rather than per person. Some apartments have more than one bathroom too offering the space and flexibility you need without having to compromise too much. A two bedroom luxury apartment costs on average £90 per night versus a standard hotel booking for two people in two separate rooms could cost £140. A saving of thirty pounds over a number of trips within one medium size business will make significant budget savings.

Added to this there is also the option of preparing your own meals and saving on the cost of room service. Serviced Apartments have free WiFi and a place to set-up a laptop to catch-up on emails or schedule a SKYPE or online meeting.

There may be times when business travel is extended over a few days or weeks. At no extra charge to your business stay in a serviced apartment, your partner could accompany you for a few days or duration of your trip. Combining work and family time maybe just the perk you need to keep you motivated and enthusiastic. Planning time to exercise and relax during a business trip is a most valuable tip offered by many corporate travellers.

To make any business travel stress-free always check what your booked accommodation offers and what is included in the cost of the room, back-up your computer before you commence your journey, keep all chargers for electronic equipment in a convenient zip-bag and a toiletry bag with all necessities.

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