Serviced Apartment or the Local Pub – a Tall Tale

If you’ve ever travelled on business, this story may have a familiar ring to it. It’s a complete fabrication, of course, but it serves to illustrate why a short-stay serviced apartment, with plenty of space, comfort and all the facilities you’d expect from purpose-designed business accommodation, is the right choice.

Head office has booked you into quaint village pub just a couple of miles from your next business calls; probably because someone in the office had their honeymoon there a couple of decades ago. The car park is full, so you leave your car down the road, and shoulder your way to the crowded bar to check in, then head for your room, struggling up a creaking staircase, just narrow enough to make carrying your luggage almost impossible.

Once in your room, you check the facilities. Looks good – shabby chic, but pleasant enough for your two or three night stay.

Suitcase on the bed you start to unpack and hang up the clothes you’ve brought for your important meeting the next day. Turns out that the door you thought was a wardrobe was the cleaner’s cupboard so you end up hanging your best suit from the curtain rail, blocking out half the light from the picturesque, but tiny, leaded window. The lights don’t seem to help much.

A quick freshen up before you settle down to finish that report on the day’s meetings proves not so simple. It seems the rather ancient electric shower has a mind of its own and psychotic tendencies. Hot is scalding and warm is cold. A call to reception tells you that it works fine…but there is a knack to it. In the interest of self-preservation you brave the icy blast.

Now, the hunt for a power socket for your laptop, eventually discovered behind the bed. And what a bed it is – made some time in the 18th century from an old Spanish galleon by the looks of it. It weighs a ton. By the time you’ve shifted the bed and crawled under to reach the socket, any benefit from the cold shower has evaporated in a hot sweat. There’s no table to work at, so you settle on the bed and after finally managing to connect to a Wi-Fi service that’s going to need all your negotiating skills to justify on your expenses, you start on that report.

And then it begins – the jungle beat of the juke box in the bar below thrumming up through the ancient floorboards…it’s going to be a long night.

That’s probably a bit extreme, but you get our gist. If you or your employees are travelling on business in the Northampton, Luton or Milton Keynes area, check out Cotels’ serviced apartments, located right in the town centres. For little more than the cost of that quaint pub room, they offer spacious one, two and three-bedroom accommodation with fully-equipped modern kitchens, comfortable lounge/dining areas, unlimited broadband and secure parking; not to mention roomy wardrobes, showers that really work and plenty of power sockets!