Renovating? – Why not consider a serviced apartment when temporarily homeless

Are you planning to have major renovations done to your house? If so, does the prospect of your home being transformed into a construction site strewn with dust and builders rubble fill you with despair? Life can become a real challenge particularly if all your furniture is covered in dust cloths or better still put in storage along with all your other worldly possessions. With everything packed into boxes, the fridge and stove unplugged with just a kettle and microwave on hand you quite understandably may find yourself in need of a place to cook a wholesome meal and relax at the end of the day away from the strong smell of sawdust and concrete.

You are excited about seeing your finished home renovations, but the thought of living in chaos does not fill you with joy. In such circumstances it is worth getting a specific schedule and end date from your contractor so you know how long you need to stay away.

If you are planning to stay somewhere else while your home is being remodelled, make sure that you choose somewhere suitable so that it will be a positive experience. Attempting to fit your family of four into a small hotel room for three weeks is going to cause a lot of headaches and cabin fever, no matter how much you love each other.

A better option is renting a short term serviced apartment. These are one, two or three bedroom apartments that can be rented for a night, week or month. Rates are cheaper than a hotel of equivalent standard because you pay per apartment rather than per person and they will offer you more space.

Cotels self-catering fully-furnished serviced apartments offer all the basic appliances that you have at home, such as a dish washer, washing-machine, stove and kitchen utensils. This will ensure that you can carry on your usual family routine in convenience and comfort.

There is no need to live within a noisy, dusty and disruptive construction site if you don’t want to, so go ahead and stay somewhere temporarily.

If your home is being renovated, there are many self-catered serviced apartments in Luton, Milton Keynes, Northampton and other UK locations where you can live in comfort while you wait for your ‘new home’ to be completed.