How to pack for a long-stay business trip

Travel light is the advice most frequent travellers will advise. It offers greater mobility and travel alternatives. But packing light means you have to plan your trip carefully. If there is the availability of laundry facilities and a place to dry clothes as in the case of Serviced Apartments, then you can get away with packing less items.

The secret for both male and female travellers is to pack clothes of uniform colour schemes so that you can mix and match while always adhering to a professional dress code. Also try to avoid packing clothes that crease easily. For women it is possible to pack three bottoms and four tops to mix and match giving twelve different outfits. Add a dress, two jackets and two to three pairs of stylish shoes plus a few simple accessories and you have an effective wardrobe.

For men, it is advisable to travel in a suit and pack two others. It is easier to co-ordinate a range of shirt options with suits that are navy blue or grey.

If your trip includes week-ends or if you know there will be enough ‘down time’ in the evenings then you need to plan how you are going to spend that time and plan accordingly. If you are keen to go out for a run, have a session in the local gym or a game of squash, then pack a pair of trainers and relevant training attire.


A checklist of essentials for your next business trip:

  • Toiletries: Add all your essentials to a small cosmetic bag – pack travel size tubes of toothpaste, shower gel, body cream and shaving gel.
  • Underclothes: Pack enough for each day of for your trip.
  • Suits: Wear one, pack one. Pack a second for business travel of longer than a week.
  • Shirts: Pack enough shirts for each day of the trip (if you are away for longer periods, this is when the availability of laundry facilities in a serviced apartment becomes very useful).
  • Casual Wear: A pair of jeans and a couple of casual tops.
  • Shoes: Pack two to three pairs of shoes including a pair to wear for a casual evening out.
  • Accessories: Stay minimal – a couple of scarves or ties and will match the clothes you have packed.
  • Business cards: Pack enough to last the duration of your trip.
  • Memory stick: Should you need to download a presentation or White-paper to share with a colleague or customer.
  • Phone charger and power adaptor.

Two of the many benefits of booking into a serviced apartment for your business trip includes the availability of laundry facilities, which can be used as and when you feel necessary. The other is the ‘Home-from-home’ feel that these apartments offer. Meals can be prepared as and when required, there is enough wardrobe storage space for long-stay business trips, free WiFi access to keep up to date with your emails and stay connected with family and friends.

If you would like to know more about booking into a serviced apartment for your next business trip, then please contact us.

Do you have any other suggests to add to this list? If so, please share these with us.