Cotels serviced apartments provider thanks clients and customers

We’ve been out and about over the past week visiting our valued customers who are based locally to us. This time of year offers us a great opportunity for spreading some festive cheer and passing on our thanks to clients for their support and business over the year. To us at Cotels, we don’t only […]

ASAP Conference and why Cotels attended as a serviced apartment provider

The 5th annual Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) conference was held in London earlier this month and we went along to meet the 300 delegates and 34 exhibitors who attended. With the high number of attendees, this was by far their biggest conference to date. Cotels joined ASAP at it’s outset and since then […]

Business travel accommodation – why serviced apartments win on cost, convenience and comfort

The business travel industry could benefit more from gaining knowledge about the availability of serviced apartments particularly for those needing accommodation for short to long-term stays. What is most beneficial is that serviced apartments offer more floor space, flexibility and independence than guests would enjoy in a standard Hotel room. Cotels have a number of […]

Family together for Christmas? – book into a serviced apartment for space

Christmas is that time of the year when families want to be altogether. For families who don’t all live within a close commute, there are the logistics on how to plan the journey along with millions of others wanting to get ‘home’ for Christmas. For the host, the additional hurdle is where to accommodate all […]

Share Christmas family time in a Cotels Serviced Apartment

Being away from home for Christmas doesn’t mean you have to forego all the tinsel and festive treats. A serviced apartment stay offers guests more space, flexibility and privacy than booking into a Hotel room or Guest House. Come with us to see what Cotels Serviced Apartments have to offer at their Milton Keynes, Northampton […]

Make your Christmas break extra festive in a serviced apartment

Thousands of holidaymakers visit England over the Christmas period to soak-up the numerous festive activities and Theatre productions or to spend quality time with loved-ones. One way to truly relax and enjoy this exciting time of the year (and avoid potential family conflict) is to book into a spacious serviced apartment. In this article we […]

Tips on business meeting etiquette when in the UK

Business meeting etiquette establishes a good level of respect among all attendees, creates an atmosphere of co-operation and keeps it to flow within the assigned time scale without over-running. Business meetings are likely to be deemed unsuccessful where there isn’t good etiquette and poor planning. In this article we provide tips on on good etiquette […]

How to follow good business travel etiquette

Business travel should be more than just attending meetings at a specified destination. It should also be about achieving the desired goals and long-term business relationships in the most courteous and respectful way possible. To do this you need to research the business culture, meeting etiquette and cuisine before embarking on your trip. Research business […]

Steps Taken to Meet the Demand for Serviced Apartments

A new report published on the HBAA website talked about how the ‘Demand for Serviced Apartments are Outstripping Supply’. This demand is as a result of the corporate market driving business travel and relocation requirements for temporary housing. This article looks at the steps Cotels haven taken into overcoming some of the principal barriers to […]

Serviced Apartments in Buckinghamshire – the convenience Milton Keynes offers

Serviced apartments in Buckinghamshire offer guests many choices dependent on what their requirements entail and what kind of proximity they require to specific locations. Serviced apartments can be found mostly within the major towns across the county such as Maidenhead, Slough, Buckingham and Milton Keynes. They are ideally suited to guests looking for temporary accommodation […]