Tips on business meeting etiquette when in the UK

Business meeting etiquette establishes a good level of respect among all attendees, creates an atmosphere of co-operation and keeps it to flow within the assigned time scale without over-running. Business meetings are likely to be deemed unsuccessful where there isn’t good etiquette and poor planning. In this article we provide tips on on good etiquette […]

Serviced Apartments in Buckinghamshire – the convenience Milton Keynes offers

Serviced apartments in Buckinghamshire offer guests many choices dependent on what their requirements entail and what kind of proximity they require to specific locations. Serviced apartments can be found mostly within the major towns across the county such as Maidenhead, Slough, Buckingham and Milton Keynes. They are ideally suited to guests looking for temporary accommodation […]

How about a game of Milton Keynes Monopoly?

Yes, you read correctly. The popular board game Monopoly is soon to have a partner, Milton Keynes Monopoly to be launched into the shops on Friday the 24th October 2014. Landmarks that could feature on the board include Milton Keynes’ roundabouts (as it has more roundabouts per square mile than anywhere else in the UK), […]

How serviced apartments can assist with business travel budget management

Serviced apartments for the corporate traveller are a cost-effective solution to all your accommodation needs. Besides the fact that this type of accommodation gives you a more homely feel because of the space that they offer guests, it can also reduce your travel budget considerably when you compare it to the cost of stays in […]

Tips for keeping safe on business travel and serviced apartment stays

Businesses have various responsibilities when it comes to safe guarding their employees and customers. Whether corporate stays are booked into serviced apartments, Hotels, Guest Houses or a B&B – each has it’s own set of safety tips to assist in making sure a trip is both successful and stress-free. Here are a few tips on […]