Types of serviced apartments and who needs them

It is interesting to note some renowned hotels are now providing serviced apartments as an alternative to hotel rooms. This is understandable considering the comfort, privacy and flexibility provided by such apartments as the Cotels Serviced Apartments in Northampton.

There are many types of apartments available, with the choice determined by a number of factors, mainly the size of the apartment. If you are travelling alone you may find a studio apartment, a single room with a kitchenette, living area and bedroom, sufficient for your needs. There are 2 or 3 bedroomed apartments with a separate living room and a fully equipped kitchen and also the choice of a penthouse for those who want to live it up or are accompanied by colleagues, friends or family.

Serviced apartments cater to the following audience

Group of staffers – A group of workers travelling for a project will find apartment accommodation more suitable financially than booking individual hotel rooms.

Northampton-2-Bed-Centro-apartment-kitchenTravelling families – A family with children and pets will be better accommodated at a serviced apartment than a hotel. Ensure you get a child-friendly apartment with the necessary amenities and safety measures.

Corporate travellers – Corporate organisations will find serviced apartment’s ideal accommodation for employees who frequently visit the city for short to long-term stays.

Relocation – A serviced apartment is your best option if you are relocating and you need a base to settle while you prepare your new home.

Special needs tourists – if you have to eat specially prepared meals as recommended by the doctor, a serviced apartment allows you to prepare your own food. The kitchens are equipped with all the basic appliances and utensils to prepare healthy home-cooked meals.

Business travellers – a serviced apartment allows a business person the privacy to relax and carry out their work in comfort.

If you are looking for a serviced apartment in Northampton, then your search has led you to the right place. Cotels Serviced Apartments is the ideal base for work and play in Northampton. Contact us right away and let us have the pleasure of being your host. Bookings can be quickly and simply made either by booking on-line, calling 01908 802853 (direct line – no lengthy phone menus) or via e-mail info@cotels.co.uk