Customer review of their stay at a Cotels Northampton Apartment

Serviced apartments in Northampton are an alternative to staying in a Hotel or B&B when looking to book accommodation for a business or leisure trip. The definition can be simply summed up as a ‘home from home’ travel accommodation. Why? Because you have your very own contained unit with bedroom (or more depending on the size apartment you book), lounge-dining area, bathroom and kitchen thereby offering flexibility and privacy.

For those unfamiliar with concept of this form of accommodation, we have a attached a screen shot from a review posted on the Tripadvisor website. The service offered at ‘check-in’ is more personalised. There is no reception desk. Instead, one or two staff members will be there to ‘meet and greet’ you and hand over the keys for the duration of your stay. You pay per apartment and the price is all inclusive of parking and WiFi.

Cotels customer review in Tripadvisor

In addition to this review, we receive many hand written cards thanking us for the hospitality we offer our customers. We are so encouraged by these because we feel that when someone takes the trouble to write and send a card or post a review on a website, their gratitude is honest and genuine. While we would love all feedback to be 100% positive, we have received the odd one with negative comments. These we have responded to and see them as positive steps to continually improve the service we offer and ensure our apartments remain fully functional, stylishly furnished serviced apartments.

If this review has prompted you to want to book into a Cotels Serviced Apartment, please contact us today and we will discuss the best options most suited to your needs.