Why serviced apartments are an ideal solution for family travel

Serviced apartments are becoming part of the landscape of many cities across the world meeting the needs for spacious home-style accommodation. Leisure travel is spoilt for choice when it comes to looking for accommodation but not all are entirely accommodating when travelling with family. So, if bickering over who gets to sleep on the blow-up mattress or sleeper couch leaves your hair standing on end, then here is a solution which will change your attitude towards family travel!

Hotels have been the favoured accommodation option for families for many years, but now there is something more appealing for those heading to the city for a week-end break or needing temporary accommodation during a relocation. If space and cooking facilities are a tempting feature then read on to discover more about serviced apartments for leisure and corporate travel.

A serviced apartment is a fully-furnished apartment with kitchen facilities, a once weekly maid service and are available for both short-term as well as long-term stays, providing hotel-like amenities with additional features and benefits. Generally, serviced apartments are suited to stays longer than three nights but the benefits can also be enjoyed by those staying for just one or two nights.

Benefits of a serviced apartment stay

Space – if you are travelling with family members then this a most welcome feature. Having separate sleeping areas can mean little luxuries like watching a movie on TV while the children sleep undisturbed in a separate room with the door closed knowing they are safe in your care. Serviced apartments vary in size from one to three-bedroomed as well as studio apartments for couples or the loan traveller. Some apartments are inclusive of a balcony, opening up the living space even further – an added advantage particularly when the weather is dry and sunny.


Kitchen – eating out every meal will soon add-up heavily on the travel budget. Having the facilities to prepare food and eat-in can make a a family trip more affordable freeing up a bit of cash for partaking in other fun activities. Apartments are equipped with all the basic appliances and utensils to prepare either a hot or cold meal.


Cost – this generally reduces as the length of stay increases. For a family, a two or three bedroom serviced apartment is almost half the cost of booking two hotel rooms. Apartment bookings are made on a fixed nightly rate irrespective of the number of guests staying unlike other options where guest pay per person.


If you are travelling to Milton Keynes, Northampton or Luton and want home-away-from-home comforts, then contact Cotels or visit our Cotels website for full details on our apartments. Bookings can be quickly and simply made either by booking on-line, calling 01908 802853 (direct line – no lengthy phone menus) or via e-mail info@cotels.co.uk