5+ essential tips to packing for business travel

Business travel can be stressful even for the most frequent traveller however, there are steps you can take to alleviate some of that tension. Having a plan in place is always helpful and this includes investing in a good quality suitcase and cabin bag, having quick and easy access to your travel bag and necessary documentation, and resisting the temptation to pack more than you really need ‘just in case’!

How to pack for business travel

  • Create a list – itemise all the basic clothing, toiletries and non-business essentials. It would be useful to add to this list luggage weight restrictions for all the airlines you typically fly with. Put your list in a place where you have easy access to it – mine gets left in my travel bag and another in a travel file in our study filing cabinet where all travel documents are filed away.
    • A list of essentials should include:
      • Toiletries: keep a toiletry bag just for travel with all you need packed and at the ready – hair brush, tooth brush, travel size tube of toothpaste, travel-size bottles of shower gel, shampoo, body cream and a can of shaving gel.
      • Underclothes: Pack enough for each day and event of your trip.
      • Suits: Wear one, pack one. Pack a second for business travel of longer than a week.
      • Shirts and/or tops: Pack enough shirts for each day of the trip (if you are away for longer periods, this is when the availability of laundry facilities in a serviced apartment becomes very useful).
      • Casual Wear: A pair of jeans and a couple of casual tops.
      • Shoes: Pack for business, social events and any non-business events. Neutral outfits should allow you to go easy on the number of pairs of shoes (resist the temptation ladies!).
      • Accessories: Stay minimal – a couple of scarves or ties and will match the clothes you have packed.
      • Business cards: Pack enough to last the duration of your trip.
      • Memory stick: Should you need to download a presentation or white-paper to share with a colleague or customer.
      • Phone charger and power adaptor.
      • Umbrella – unless you know you will be indoors
  • Pack neural colours – whether male or female, packing by sticking to a colour scheme can go along way to reducing your luggage weight. Basic items such as a suit in a neutral navy blue, black or beige are easy to mix-and-match to create different outfits. Co-ordinating with accessories will add colour and change the look or style.
  • Style of clothing – non-iron or crease resistant fabrics are a must-have for frequent business travel. You don’t want that shrivelled-up look at your first business meeting. It also allows you to role tops and skirts or trousers to maximise every corner of your travel luggage.
  • Agenda – Pack according to the number of days you are away, the number of business and social events you are expected to attend and non-business activities (some serviced apartments have a fitness room or are in close vicinity to sporting activities and therefore you may find you need to pack a pair of running or gym shoes).
  • Pack to maximise space – not sure how to pack to get everything into one suitcase to reduce the stress of commuting on a business trip – then visit one of many YouTube videos on how to pack.

Travel light is the advice most frequent travellers will offer. It allows greater mobility and travel alternatives. But packing light means you have to plan your trip carefully. If there is the availability of laundry facilities and a place to dry clothes as in the case of Serviced Apartments, then you can get away with packing less items.

A serviced apartment booking for business travel includes the availability of your own laundry facilities, which can be used as and when you feel necessary. There is also the ‘home-from-home’ feel that these apartments offer. Meals can be prepared as and when required, there is enough wardrobe storage space for short to long-stay business trips, free WiFi access to keep up to date with your emails and stay connected with family and friends.


Bedroom in our serviced apartment has built-in wardrobes with plenty of hanging space. The open-plan kitchen-living area is inclusive or laundry facilities.