How to stay productive and motivated in the winter months

Winter is on its way, temperatures are dropping and all anyone really wants to do is lie on the sofa with a blanket and a hot drink. So how are you supposed to keep motivated over the winter months? Find out with these top tips from Cotels on how to stay productive… Keep your body […]

Best places in the UK for a winter weekend away

Winter in the UK can get pretty dismal – the days are short, the temperature drops and the rain does not seem to stop pouring.   However, a winter break is the perfect opportunity to slow down the pace and retreat for a cosy weekend in the countryside. There are many places in the UK […]

Mini adventures in the UK: Get your last minute summer thrills

With summer coming to an end, it’s time to squeeze in some last minute adventures before the weather turns. Adventure doesn’t always have to mean exploring uncharted territories in remote, far-off lands. Satisfy the explorer in you, and get your thrills closer to home, with Cotels’ pick of the best mini-adventures in the UK! Make […]

Top 5 places to explore in Northampton this Summer

So you’re lucky enough to be visiting Northampton, also known as the shoe-making capital of the world (yes, really). Maybe you’re travelling from overseas, visiting friends and family, or perhaps you live locally and are looking for something fun to do. Either way, here at Cotels we have you covered with these five of the […]

How to see some amazing sights this summer (yes, even with a full-time job!)

Summer has well and truly arrived in the UK and it feels like the sun hasn’t stopped shining (please don’t go!) However, gone are the days of the six week long school holidays that children around the country have just started; many of us will still be working throughout the summer in our 9-5 jobs, […]

Summer nights: What’s on at Luton Hoo’s Summer Open Air Cinema?

Summer is well and truly peeking its head around the corner and Brits are well and truly ready to sit back and relax with an ice-cold drink in hand in the garden. There’s nothing better than bathing in the sun, letting your worries go and enjoying yourself. Well, what about putting a little spin on […]

Working away on business? Here are 5 ways to productively spend your time

Our jobs take up a large part of our lives – precisely 91,250 hours on average over a lifetime, so you need to be in a career that excites you and offers progression. Some jobs offer the opportunity to work abroad and travel regularly. On the one hand, this a perk because it allows you […]

Money saving hacks: How to save your pennies while on holiday

No matter what stage you’re at in your life, whether you’re a student, have a family or you’re retired, everyone loves saving a bit of money whenever they can. As the old saying goes: look after your pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case – especially on holiday. […]

Booking a place to stay in the UK or abroad? Here are some top tips to avoid making any mistakes…

Whether you’re looking for a cosy cottage, modern city apartment or a weekend away in an Airbnb, it’s always tough booking the right place when you don’t really know the area – or perhaps even the country – very well. It can be all too easy to find yourself in run-down and unfurnished accommodation that’s […]

5 things to do in Milton Keynes this Easter

The Easter holidays can be a tedious time. Finding an endless amount of fun for all the children can be difficult. Sometimes you need to venture out into the countryside to find the best activities. Here is a list of the best things to do in the countryside this Easter break… From skiing, to farmyards, […]