5 Top tips to avoid business travel insomnia

Business travel insomnia – there is nothing worse than tossing-and-turning in bed all night and then having to stay alert in an important business meeting the following day. There are a few important steps you should follow to help you have a restful nights sleep and start a new day feeling fresh and alert. The starting point is choosing the right type of business stay accommodation that will offer a peaceful night in a comfortable bed.

Steps to avoiding business travel insomnia

The Hub Studio Apartment offers comfort furnishings to avoid business travel insomnia

  • Try to keep to the same bed-time routine. The temptation, when travelling is to arrive at your business stay accommodation at the end of a day of travelling or meetings and flop onto the bed for a ‘forty-winks’ siesta. It will make you feel rejuvenated but affect your night-time sleep pattern. It would be better to get out for some fresh air or exercise to keep you occupied until your usual bedtime.
  • Don’t over-eat at night or consume too many rich, creamy delights. A full stomach will contribute to a restless night because your body will be working harder than usual to metabolise the food. If you do go out for a meal, eat small portions and resist ending with desserts or a cheese platter. If you are partial to green tea or herbal teas then one of these after a restaurant meal will aid digestion and contribute to a better nights sleep.
  • Resist taking your iPad/lap-top/tablet to bed with you to catch-up on emails, search the web or shop online. If all this is necessary before retiring to bed, you are better off sitting at a table and getting it done at least an hour before bedtime. According to a study by Harvard Medical School, reading from a tablet, or any light emitting devise before bed can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. Too much artificial light confuses your body which uses light and darkness to determine natural day-night cycles.
  • Drink lots of water during the day to keep your body hydrated particularly if you have had a few alcoholic drinks.
  • Have a relaxing bath or a soothing shower before bed to unwind and de-stress. Pack an eye-mask if you are used to sleeping in a very dark room.

What serviced apartments offer for a more relaxed stay

If you follow these tips, you have a far greater chance of a good nights sleep. The temptation, when travelling on business is to eat out more often, consume more alcoholic drinks and try to keep on top of your emails – all of which can make you feel lethargic and suffer impaired concentration. Choosing to stay in a furnished serviced apartment on business offers many advantages which all work together to offer a better nights sleep. The bedroom is separate from the living area which means you can shut the door to avoid the temptation of any early siesta. Sitting in a chair to watch TV is far better for your posture than lying in bed staring at the screen. You have a dining-room table or work-desk to sit at to work on your mobile device and avoid taking it to bed with you. A kitchen means you have a place to prepare fresh meals and maintain an element of healthiness.

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