Airbnb and the Business Traveller

Airbnb is a platform that makes finding the ideal destination, for personal or business use, easy. Airbnb prides itself on offering its guests the feeling of staying at home, often in an interesting part of town and potentially cheaper than a standard hotel; the house-sharing network has gradually crept into the business travel sector.

Individual, self-employed business travellers have been using Airbnb for travel since the early days, however, now some of the largest companies are taking advantage of the benefits Airbnb has to offer. According to Airbnb, more than 500,000 companies around the world now use their platform as a way of finding suitable work arrangements. Whether you are relocating offices or enjoying a business trip, Airbnb has a variety of work-ready destinations for every personality.

“Business Travel Ready”

Airbnb has always been ahead of the game when it comes to upcoming trends, with a new feature being “Business Travel Ready”. This tool allows customers to view properties where the traveller has the entire house or apartment to themselves, along with having included features such as wi-fi and 24/7 check-in, things that you would expect to be offered when staying in a hotel. Airbnb also requires that “Business Travel Ready” properties are allergen-friendly and recommend that properties do not allow pets and are smoke-free. From enjoying team-building experiences to working in collaborative spaces, you will feel like part of the community rather than a visitor.


Adding an extended few days to a business trip is becoming extremely popular, with business travellers wanted to add an element of leisure to their time away. Many find that they can easily expand their trip to the weekend, allowing family members to enjoy the home from home atmosphere that Airbnb offers. This makes “Business Travel Ready” accommodations the perfect option for corporate millennials.

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