Cutting Costs on Business Travel Budgets

Cotels offers tips on saving on the cost of business stay accommodation in Northampton. Business travel can become a huge expense for any size company, especially if employees are staying at expensive hotels and not being careful about what they are spending company funds on. If you think about the expense of business travel you will realise it’s not just accommodation that racks up the expenses of a business trip. Employees also need to be catered for in terms of meals, laundry, transport and more and these additional expenses can really take costs to the next level.

If you are looking for the ideal business stay accommodation in Northampton, why not consider serviced apartments as an option? Serviced apartments have become a popular option for companies that want to provide their employees with the convenience and comfort of a hotel, without having to pay out excess bills. The savings you can expect from renting serviced apartments on a short term or mid-long term basis is certainly worth it.

While corporate or business travel can be highly beneficial to a business, keeping the cost low is the only way to ensure the company does in fact profit from such trips. In too many instances overspending or unauthorised spending of company travel funds can lead to a trip being viewed as unviable for the business. With rising costs, future business travel could be limited in order to cut back on expenses, but this doesn’t have to be the case if you shop wisely for affordable accommodation options. This is where serviced self-catering apartments become an option well worth considering.

How can renting serviced self-catering apartments in Northampton help to cut back on the costs of a business travel budget?

  • All facilities are included when booking into a serviced apartment. This means the business will not need to pay anything extra for broadband, laundry service or parking. This can present quite a noticeable saving.
  • Each apartment has a dining table and chairs that can double up as a comfortable work space, which means you can work from your apartment and even host socially distanced meetings with one or two colleagues or clients.
  • Serviced apartments offer flexible stays with short cancellation notices attached. This means if your employee’s travel plans need to change, you won’t lose your entire booking fee.
  • Visitors, family and friends can stay over in the apartment at no extra cost. At a hotel, this would be charged for with rates at per person sharing.

Find affordable serviced self-catering apartments in Northampton

At Cotels we have a variety of serviced apartments in Northampton available for business travel, some offering double & twin bed options for colleagues sharing or families. Our apartments are cleaned weekly and are inclusive of all additional services. This means your laundry, maid service and Wi-Fi access will not be charged for.

If you would like to cut back on the cost of business travel expenses, take the time to learn more about our serviced self-catering apartments in Northampton.

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