Meet Team Cotels

At Cotels we go out of our way to get to know our guests in the aim of building trust so they can stay in the confidence that they are at the centre of everything we do. We are unashamedly authentic, hardworking and friendly: we want our guests to feel part of the Cotels family.

Our mission is to be a profitable business that provides a quality product, stellar customer service and to be recognised as a leading and trusted brand. Our vision is to take every opportunity to deliver a friendly, engaging and exceptional experience, consistently, in every interaction.

Here’s the team who support us in our aspirations.

Marcia Gomez

Owner/Managing Director

Cotels as a brand began in 1997 where I joined the team in 1998 in an entry level position, managing the day-to-day activities of the business including working on reception and doing the book keeping. Having learnt the ins and outs of the business I was promoted to Director in 2001, eventually completing the momentous and exciting task of purchasing Cotels in 2009.

Having expanded and secured the brand for over a decade, I continue to work on the strategy and oversee all aspects of the business to ensure it stays on track. I’ve developed a real passion for what I do and love to stay involved, remaining hands on a day to day basis – it’s what I love to do!

Fun fact: I took part in a charity sky dive and have since developed a fear of heights, I knew I shouldn’t have looked down...

Amy Simmons

Reservations Co-ordinator

I have over 10 years’ experience working in an office environment dealing with customers and helping resolve their issues. The skills I have developed have given me the knowledge and experience I use at Cotels, where I process bookings, carry out viewings and am generally the face of Cotels on reception - putting the customer first and ensuring they are always receiving an excellent service.

Fun fact: Marcia, is my Mum. Where better to work than somewhere you have grown up listening to the ins and outs of the company, which has helped me gain a great understanding of not only what we need to deliver for a great guest experience but also how the business runs in the background. It has given me so much drive and has developed me to have such a passion to get things right not only for the guest, but for the company as well - just how Mum would want it!

Meet The Team | Cotels | Serviced Apartments

Sharon Bowen


I have worked for Cotels since 2018, my previous role was with another serviced apartment provider so I’ve been in this industry for quite a while now.

I have always worked in accounting and have been lucky enough to work in a variety of sectors across industry and practice.

At Cotels, I am responsible for the day to day bookkeeping tasks, keeping things ticking along and providing financial information for management and externally when required.

Fun Fact – Really! I work in finance!!

Meet The Team | Cotels | Serviced Apartments

Rachel Buckman

Guest Relations Executive

I’ve worked at Cotels since 2013 starting out in a Housekeeping role, I was promoted in 2018 to Guest Relations Executive for Northampton.

I’ve basically take care of the day to day running and love to make our guests as comfortable as possible. I’ve worked in the care industry for over 15 years before I joined Cotels looking after the elderly so I have lots of experience in taking care of people.

Fun fact…I have a bar at the bottom of my garden and have over 40 bottles of gin in there.

Meet The Team | Cotels | Serviced Apartments

Housekeeping Team

Angela Wren, Kat Wilailak, Nicola Newson, Dawn Taylor (left to right)

Our bubbly, trustworthy team are directly employed by Cotels and enjoy keeping everything spick and span and to the high standards we insist upon for our guests.

If you’re home during your weekly service visit they provide a friendly face too.