Milton Keynes – Business and conference hub

Renowned for being the UK’s most famous ‘new town’, Milton Keynes is home to start-ups, businesses big and small, conferences and local business networks for professionals across multiple industries.

Cotels - MK business conference hub

For a long time, London was considered the business capital of the UK but, thanks to its links to London and it’s lower cost of living, Milton Keynes soon became a more appealing option for entrepreneurs and new businesses.

The innovation that Milton Keynes demonstrates through its modern city life means it’s no surprise that it’s becoming an appealing location from both a professional and personal perspective:

Support for entrepreneurs and start-ups

Last year, Milton Keynes became home to business accelerator hub, Entrepreneurial Spark, which boasts offices, support and networking opportunities for start-ups. Having services such as this in Milton Keynes not only provides support for businesses that are already local, but also attracts entrepreneurs with the drive and passion to succeed in their business but are struggling to get off the ground. The conference hub in the ‘new town’ brings together professionals, ready to grow their knowledge and network.

Conferences and events

Throughout the year, multiple conferences are held in venues across Milton Keynes. From the MK City Expo to The Global Leadership Summit, Milton Keynes provides opportunities to learn, educate and be inspired by successful and motivational speakers from a huge range of industries. The business community in Milton Keynes has been described as ‘very active’ in particular for start-ups, and the conference hub offers the chance for new members to get their brand’s name and services out there and seek advice from successful businessmen and women.

Technology hub

Whilst Milton Keynes is home to businesses ranging from food retailers to marketing agencies and even our very own Cotels, major tech companies are recognising the benefits of the ‘new town’ – with Vice President of VMware EUC Ian Evans even describing the hub as “the UK’s new tech hub.” Earlier this year, it was proudly announced that Milton Keynes is ranked 8th in the country in the latest UK Tech Innovation Index, based on factors including tech events and business start-up rates – an impressive feat!

To top off a busy day in the office, Milton Keynes is also home to a huge variety of restaurants and bars that are the perfect place for you, your colleagues and your clients to blow off steam. Why not have a look at the luxury self-serviced apartments we have available in Milton Keynes for your clients to have a well-deserved rest at the end of their business trip?

What can we expect to see next from Milton Keynes?