Save money on essential travel with a serviced apartment

With budgets tighter than ever, saving money on your travel spend can be easily achieved if you a book a serviced apartment instead of a hotel. Here’s why…


Serviced apartments come with a self-contained kitchen or kitchenette meaning you can dine in at home, cutting costs on hotel restaurant bills, eating out or room service.


Offering separate living, sleeping and cooking areas, a serviced apartment is far more spacious than a hotel room. 2 & 3 bedroom apartments allow a family or colleagues to save on the cost of additional rooms. Prices are per apartment, not per person, offering massive savings, especially if there are twin bed options too.

Complimentary Extras

TV channels, parking and Wi-Fi are included with a serviced apartment at no extra cost. Hotels usually charge for these services or charge a higher room rate for their inclusion.


Washing, drying and ironing facilities are also provided in a serviced apartment free of charge, so you can do your own laundry whenever you feel like it. This eliminates the hassle and expense of arranging hotel dry cleaning and ironing services.

Long stay discounts

Serviced apartments are considerably cheaper when compared with hotels of a similar standard and offer so much more. Prices also decrease the longer you stay, saving you even more money. Seasonal increases are also unlikely, so you can be assured of stable rates all year round.


Serviced apartments are easy to book or cancel if your plans change, especially in the current climate with COVID-19 guidelines being regularly reviewed. Many apartment companies offer free cancellation before check-in.

Cotels serviced apartments in Milton Keynes and Northampton offer all of these money-saving benefits, complemented by quality facilities and first-class customer service.

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