Serviced Apartments are Proving a Great Option for Business Travel

A way to save money on accommodation for businesses is to utilise the availability of the newly established serviced apartment industry. There are a number of key advantages to this kind of accommodation over hotels, which make financial sense for both companies and their employees. It you need access into London, Milton Keynes is one location worth considering for its proximity to the capital and its excellent transport links.

Serviced apartments offer great value for money. The key benefits they offer for business travellers and their employers are as follows:

  • Space is a luxury in most hotels and it comes with a bigger price. On average a serviced apartment offers anything up to four times the amount of space you’ll get in a hotel. With high quality furnishings and fully equipped kitchens, apartments offer a home from home accommodation and you pay per apartments as opposed to per person for hotel bookings.
  • Cost is a big factor. Most companies offering serviced apartments make the claim that their accommodation is 30 per cent cheaper than hotel accommodation, and this is a realistic figure. During the celebrations in London this summer, the difference is likely to be considerably more. Optional extras in hotels, such as internet access and parking are included as standard in long or short term apartment lets.
  • Flexibility is also a feature of this type of accommodation. You can cut costs further by cooking for yourself, although take-out is always an option. For business travellers looking to host meetings and/or meals, the cost of catering in your apartment is much cheaper and is also a far more pleasant experience.
  • In terms of quality of accommodation, serviced apartments generally compete on an equal footing with high class hotels. With contemporary furniture and fittings the standard is usually equal to a hotel but you get more of everything for your money.
  • Privacy comes built in to an apartment. Hotel rooms are private, apart from during the frequent and unwelcome interruptions provided by housekeeping. However the communal areas in hotels are less private and for longer stays the privacy of an apartment is a welcome benefit.

Milton Keynes was designed, in part, to take some of the housing pressure off London. Its convenient location and excellent access links have seen it fulfil that early planning successfully in the last thirty years. The majority of long or short term apartments in Milton Keynes are close to the main transport links into London and offer all the benefits of apartment rental. A modern, vibrant city, built for rest, play and living in, as much as a centre for business, Milton Keynes also makes a great location for making the most of your downtime.

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