Serviced Apartments Ideal for those Relocating

Milton Keynes has a population of over 282,000 and over 140,000 working in this prosperous new city. The superb working and living environments have all contributed to its success. As a result new business are starting-up, existing ones expanding and major blue-chip companies relocating to the city. The latter has resulted in many professionals relocating to the area.

Relocating to a new area marks a new chapter in your life. But, although exciting, it is not without its challenges. The first being having to search for ‘the perfect’ home in a place you’re not familiar with. Moving into temporary accommodation such as a serviced apartment in Milton Keynes will help to take some of the pressure off house-hunting giving you more time to find what suits you and your family the most.

Tips to Relocating to Milton Keynes

  1. Make a list of all the services and facilities you will require during and post your move, such as dentist, doctor, schools, estate agents, solicitors, sports facilities and other local amenities. This will guide you in your research of potential areas you may wish to relocate to.
  2. Use the Internet to research within a set radius of where you will be working (it is useful to note that travelling around Milton Keynes is a lot less congested during peak hours versus other cities in the UK with a duel carriage way system on all major routes).
  3. Once you have short listed a few areas, there is a website you can use that will give detailed information about your initial choices. Enter a postcode into to get an instant report of your prospective neighbourhood. Streetcheck gets it’s information from a variety of official government databases, including census information and Land Registry data and extract the key statistics to help you with your house-hunting.
  4. To find out which are the best schools in the area, go to The results and overall performance of both primary and secondary schools are listed here.
  5. is another useful website with links to lots of information about the City and what’s on offer.

Are you relocating to Milton Keynes and have decided that temporary accommodation is the best initial step before buying property?

Contact a member of the Cotels Team for full details on our fully furnished and equipped apartments in Milton Keynes and Northampton. Relocating can be stressful, time consuming and difficult….we’ll provide the accommodation you need to make things run as smoothly as possible.

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