Tips on business meeting etiquette when in the UK

Business meeting etiquette establishes a good level of respect among all attendees, creates an atmosphere of co-operation and keeps it to flow within the assigned time scale without over-running. Business meetings are likely to be deemed unsuccessful where there isn’t good etiquette and poor planning. In this article we provide tips on on good etiquette for people travelling to the UK on business.

Business meetings are still seen as an intrinsic part of communication in the world of business. If you are travelling to the UK on business or are new to corporate, it is worth knowing how to conduct yourself in a meeting to earn the respect of colleagues and business associates.

UK business meeting etiquette

Agenda – this should have concrete objectives and be shared with all those invited to attend the meeting. The agenda needs to be sent out well in advance of the date of the proposed meeting so that all participants have time to prepare and are fully aware of the objectives and goals.

  1. Time management – meetings should be structured carefully so that good time management can be adhered to.
  2. Punctuality – this is paramount in the UK. British people value punctuality and are known to be time conscious. Time is considered an economic resource and so it should not be abused unnecessarily. Lateness is considered to be very rude.
  3. Attire – conservative attire is the norm in the UK for both males and female meeting host and attendees. Black, grey and navy blue are dominant colours worn although this is industry dependent.
  4. Greetings – shake hands with everyone upon arrival and maintain eye contact during the greeting as a sign of respect, rectitude and integrity. Business cards, if exchanged are usually done at the initial introduction and greeting ahead of the meeting commencing.
  5. Gifts – this is not part of business etiquette in the UK however, an invitation to a meal is considered to be a gift and generally well acceptable.

British people are considered to be polite, courteous, unassuming and reserved. They like their personal space and will more readily form a loyal business partnership if their business style is respected.

Business meetings are where ideas are shared, deals are formed and relationships merged. Having disregard for good business meeting etiquette could potentially sour relationships and sabotage future success therefore it is advisable to brush-up on what is expected. Meeting etiquette does vary between countries and cultures which are worth noting to gain full respect from participants.

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