How to stay productive and motivated in the winter months

Winter is on its way, temperatures are dropping and all anyone really wants to do is lie on the sofa with a blanket and a hot drink. So how are you supposed to keep motivated over the winter months? Find out with these top tips on how to stay productive…

Keep your body moving

Whilst it may seem tempting to hibernate and hang up your trainers for the winter season, exercising throughout the autumn and winter months is vital for maintaining productivity and helping you beat those winter blues. Regular exercise will make you feel more energetic, which should make it a little easier to drag yourself out of your cosy bed on the dark mornings (it can also help you keep your body in shape).

If you’re brave enough to face the cold weather, you may see some benefits, including being able to exercise for longer due to your body regulating its temperature better. If you can’t face a run or walk outdoors though, you’ll still feel more energised and motivated from a quick gym session, or an at-home workout. Our 7Zero1 apartments in Milton Keynes include your very own fitness equipment so there really is no excuse!

Wrap up and get outside

Braving the arctic temperatures and wrapping up to spend some time outside may not seem all that appealing, but it can do wonders for your motivation and productivity. Numerous studies have shown that taking a short walk during your lunch break at work can improve enthusiasm, relaxation and productivity when you return. If you don’t have time to take a stroll during the day, then why not try and squeeze one in after work and catch those last couple of hours of sunshine to get some well-needed vitamin D.

Try not to hit that snooze button

Research has shown that whilst hitting the snooze button on a cold winter’s morning may feel like a good idea at the time, is actually putting your productivity to sleep for two reasons. Firstly, the quality of sleep in snooze intervals is incredibly low, leading you to feel more tired and groggier than initially rising on the first alarm. Secondly, by depleting sources of willpower and energy, battling with yourself about when to get out of bed, you’ll have limited reserves to take on a day at work, or trying to complete your goals.

Top tips for getting up on that first alarm include: moving your phone to the other side of the room, using sleep cycle apps to wake you at your lightest level of sleep, and bribing yourself with a morning coffee, or reading session before you start your day.

Enjoy everything winter has to offer you

When you’re not working, why not make the most of a British winter and get exploring! There are so many different places around the UK you can visit for a winter weekend away, to enjoy a crisp countryside walk, or explore some Christmas markets.

If you’re staying in or around Milton Keynes or Northampton then you could always head to one of our luxury serviced apartments, and make a weekend of it. Treating yourself to a mini break away, even for a day, can help keep up your motivation, meaning you’ll return to work after the weekend feeling refreshed, and ready to take on your newest goals.

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